Genisyst's IT network management services and products have been developed around what our customers want. With years of experience in the networking and communications industry we have an excellent understanding of what businesses really need, and we have the experience and expertise to deliver it.

We can come to your business, assess your network and identify any issues or cost-savers. We will then deliver a report to you containing our recommendations including any improvements and cost-saving measures we can help you with.

Case Study:

Genisyst's network appraisal of Australia’s leading transport fuel supplier and convenience retailer. This company asked Genisyst to look at their IT network and advise on how it could be improved. They needed cost efficient and better communication between remote sites and head office, greater network security and reliability, and they also wanted a network which was consistent across multiple sites.

Genisyst audited their service-station hardware, gathering information on PC hardware and installed software, and then designed an appropriate network to meet their needs. A network diagram was created and forwarded as a proposal. Once the network design was completed, Genisyst set about installing it. Preconfigured routers were installed at each site. A Windows server and central firewall appliance were provided, configured and installed in the Genisyst datacentre to perform active directory, DHCP, DNS, WSUS, Antivirus, authenticated website filtering and intrusion-prevention functionality.

A network connection using ADSL, ISDN or 3G technology was installed at each site, dependant on the facilities available, to provide their gateway to the internet and a link to head office. Genisyst also set up email facilities for each site with spam filtering and remote webmail access, and put all the sites into a MPLS VPN to provide efficient and secure communications between sites, to the server and to head-office.

Example Network Diagram: (click image to enlarge)

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