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Phishing: Don't Get Hooked!!!

Phishing is the attempt by someone to “fish” for account details from unsuspecting people.

Phishing attempts have been around for a while now, starting in the late 1990s, looking for login details to the AOL service. Since then, the rise of the internet and most particularly the rise of internet banking has seen a proliferation in phishing attempts. Initially they were often poorly worded, contained spelling mistakes and poor grammar. Current phishing attempts usually arrive in the form of an unsolicited email that purports to be from a financial institution, your bank for example. These attempts are getting more and more sophisticated and are getting harder and harder to spot. Their aim is to direct you to a site that looks like the financial institution they claim to be and get you to enter your username/PIN and password.


Phishing Part II: Secure Sites - Are you talking to whom you think you are?

With the rise of phishing attacks and the increase in the popularity of internet banking the opportunities for fraudulent access to bank accounts have grown greatly. These attacks often come in the form of an email claiming the internet banking terms and conditions have changed or your internet banking password needs updating. The email directs you to a website that looks identical to the bank’s website. However, the web address is false and it will not be a verified secure site.

A secure site, such as a bank’s online banking site, uses the https protocol. This creates an encrypted connection between your web browser and the bank’s web server, securing your account details. However, a problem arises if you are not connected to the site you think you are! If you are tricked into going to a website that appears to be your bank’s site and enter in your details, the perpetrators of the scam now have your internet banking details.


What Exactly is Downloading?

A download refers to any information which is transferred from the internet, via your modem, to computers on your Local Area Network (LAN). Activities such as browsing websites and receiving emails count as a downloading. ISP's plans often incorporate an included download allowance with prices varying with the amount included as well as the speed of the connection. So it is important to understand that a "download" does not simply refer to the downloading of files, but to all information you pull from the internet.

Because of the way internet plans are structured it is useful to know how much information (data) you actually download in a month so that you don’t use more than your included amount. To give you an idea of how much data internet activities involve, here are a few examples. The following are some common internet activities, and the amount of data they use on average.



Have you ever wanted to check your email while on holiday, or at a friend’s house? If so, what you need is Webmail. This uses a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, to handle email, rather than an email client such as Outlook. Genisyst customers can do Webmail – go to, where you will find a secure login. Enter your username and password. If you don’t know your username contact Genisyst.

Once logged in you will see your INBOX. Look at the options link at the top of the screen and customise the system to your requirements. The first


When Size Does Matter!

Email is one of the best and earliest features of the internet. It is also one of the most abused. For many users, the simple store and forward email system has become “mission critical”. The mail protocol was conceived within a community of like-minded academics, operating in a spirit of cooperation and trust. However, the internet has evolved into a completely different entity with a very different environment, yet the email system has stayed basically the same. This has led to email being used and abused in many more ways than originally conceived. Internet-wide a vast amount of effort and resources are put into the sending of, and avoidance of SPAM. As systems have progressed, many people use it as a way of sending data, via the use of email attachments.


How to Set Up an Automatic Vacation Email

A Holiday message makes your email reply automatically to anyone who emails you, telling them that you are away and when you will be back, even who they should contact while you are gone. To set this up:


SPAM Filtering

SPAM continues to be a problem on the internet with some estimates that it makes up more than 94% of world-wide email traffic. To help deal with this problem you can implement the filtering technique described in this article.

Login to your webmail page at (Login using your account ID, not your actual email address). Start by clicking the "Filters" link on the top menu of the page, to setup spam filtering. If this is the first time you have setup a filter, you will be greeted with a message similar to the one in the image below. Click the "Add a new rule" button to proceed to the next step. (See Figure 1)


...But My Friend George is a SPAM****mer!!

or I want to be more aggressive deleting SPAM emails but don’t want to miss my emails from George. I would like to delete emails that are tagged as SPAM altogether but emails from my friend George are always tagged as SPAM (George likes forwarding funny jokes) ...,

If the above sounds like you, you can now decrease the score at which you delete emails but ensure that you still receive your emails from George. (If you aren’t already deleting your SPAMs automatically have a look at our SPAM Filtering tech tip on how to set this up).


Diagnosing DSL Internet Problems                                                       

"My internet connection is running slow..."

From time to time we get calls from users saying that their internet connection is running slowly. Below are some tips to help you resolve this issue.

Have you tried a different computer?
If you browse the internet on a different computer on your LAN and find that your speed issue is gone, it is likely that your connection is fine, and your speed problems are caused by a problem on the computer itself.

Is there a large outgoing email stream?
If someone in your organization has sent an email with a large attachment to multiple recipients this will often absorb the upload bandwidth of your internet connection for a considerable period of time, resulting in significantly restricted download performance. This is one of the most common causes of an apparently slow internet connection. Bear in mind that the upload bandwidth is many times less than the download bandwidth of an ADSL connection.


Are you Moving? What About your ADSL?

Is your office relocating? Or are you are moving house? If this is the case and you are currently using a Genisyst Broadband ADSL service, there are a few important steps which should be followed in order to ensure that an internet connection is up and running at your new location as quickly and smoothly as possible. Note that ADSL connections cannot be moved, what actually happens is that the old connection is cancelled and a new connection is installed at the new location. This is the case even if the telephone number at the new location is the same as the telephone number at the old location and applies whoever is providing the telephone line or the ADSL service.


ADSL2 Line Filtering and Why You Need It

In a typical home or business the phone line on which you have your ADSL installed is also used for one or more devices like phones and faxes. The problem with sharing the phone line is that phones and faxes interfere with your internet connection and cause it to disconnect regularly or not work at all! If you are having drop-out problems this is the cause 95% of the time.


Virtual Private Networks Require Fixed IP Addresses

One of the great user advantages of Broadband (ADSL and SHDSL) is that it provides connections that make inter-office wide area networks a reality. With Broadband connections you can provide the user with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect their offices together over the internet.


Wireless and Wireless

The term “Wireless” in regards to Internet access is often used to describe a variety of available technologies, and when it comes to deciding which product or solution is the most suitable to your needs, these options often cause confusion. This technical tip explains the different types of “Wireless” connections, along with the specific terminology tied to these different concepts, and why you would (or wouldn’t) choose a particular method.

Wireless LAN (Local Area Network) / WiFi


Why have a Domain Name?

Do you have an email address like ? If you are running a business you could have an address like which looks much better. So how would you achieve that? What you would do is register your own domain name, in this example You could also use your domain as the address for a company website, eg If you would like us to set up your domain name, email or phone us on 1300 464 364. You can search for a domain name you would like on the domain page of the Genisyst website, which is under the products menu.